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Microsoft Azure

On-premises, Hybrid- & Multicloud

Innoveren met een doel

Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications wherever you want. Use your favorite programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure (even your own data center and other clouds) to tackle challenges big and small. With the help of Azure, you have all the elements you need to build your next great solution.

Trust the cloud

Security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance that businesses, governments and start-ups rely on.

Ready for the future

Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your development today and your product visions for tomorrow.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Silver Partner

Jouw Microsoft Partner

Microsoft is the software brand for the business market. Microsoft develops and distributes a wide range of software that is suitable for both consumers and businesses. Most know Microsoft through the Office apps, but Microsoft is also active in the cloud services market with their Microsoft Azure products. Lantack is an experienced Microsoft Partner and has the necessary knowledge and certifications to offer you the best solution.

Currently Silver, but Gold later?

Our competencies have been achieved at Microsoft level Silver, which means that we have proven skills and dedication. Microsoft Partners certified in Silver offer high-quality solutions. This allows us to offer excellent service.

Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

This competency proves the technical skills of our organization in deploying the cloud productivity and security solutions of Microsoft 365.

Azure VPN Gateway

With Azure VPN Gateway, you can easily extend your on-premises networks to Azure through site-to-site VPNs, much the same way you set up and connect to a remote branch. Connectivity is secure and uses industry standard protocols: Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE).

Connect Virtual Networks Anywhere

With Point-to-Site VPN you can connect to your virtual machines in Azure Virtual Networks from anywhere.

Connect to Azure

Azure VPN Gateway enables you to establish a secure, cross-premises connection between your virtual network in Azure and your on-premises IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

Give employees the same experience as on a local desktop or laptop, whether they're managing their inboxes with Outlook, sharing files in OneDrive, or collaborating with colleagues via Microsoft Teams. Azure Virtual Desktop enables secure remote working. Deliver the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 11 with the new scalable multisession experience and save costs by leveraging Windows licenses.

Deploy & Scale

Configure network settings, add users, deploy desktop apps, and enable security. Set up autoscaling and efficiently manage images with the Azure Image Gallery.

Access everywhere

Bring your own device (BYOD) and access your desktop and applications over the web using an Azure Virtual Desktop client.

Azure Storage

Azure Blob Storage helps you create data lakes for your analytics needs and provides the storage you need to build powerful cloud and mobile apps. Optimize costs with tiered storage for your long-term data and flexibly scale up on performance-oriented compute and machine learning workloads.

Scalable & Available

Support for the scale, security, and availability needs of mobile, web, and cloud developers has been the guiding principle since the beginning of the development of Blob Storage.


Authentication with Azure Active Directory and role-based access control (RBAC), plus encryption of inactive data and advanced threat protection.

Microsoft Azure Storage
Animated Azure Backup

Azure Backup

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure, one-click backup solution that scales based on your backup storage needs. With the centralized management interface, you can easily define your backup policies and protect a wide variety of business workloads, including Azure Virtual Machines, SQL & SAP databases, and Azure file shares.

Support for multiple workloads

Back up Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, on-premises servers, SQL Server, and SAP HANA to Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Files, and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

Centralized management

Control, use, manage, and optimize data security at scale in a unified and consistent manner using Backup Center.

Vertrouw op de cloud

Trust the cloud

Get security from the ground up, backed by a team of experts, and proactive compliance that businesses, governments, and start-ups rely on.

Kies voor naadloze hybride activiteiten

Kies voor naadloze hybride activiteiten

On-premises, in different clouds and on the edge: we are everywhere your data is. Integrate and manage your environments with tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud.

Bouw op je eigen voorwaarden

Bouw op je eigen voorwaarden

You have options. With an open source commitment and support for all computer languages and frameworks, you can build however you want and deploy wherever you want.

Wees klaar voor de toekomst

Wees klaar voor de toekomst

Continuous innovation from Microsoft supports your development today and your product visions for tomorrow.

Betaal minder voor Azure

Take advantage of the unique programs and save up to five times as much money by using Azure instead of AWS for your Windows & SQL Servers.

Free Extended Security Updates

Get three years of additional security updates for free when you move your Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 workloads to Azure

Book in advance & pay less

Reserve resources and save compared to pay-as-you-go. This ensures that you can budget more accurately.

Betaal minder voor de Microsoft Azure Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is the global cloud platform for building, deploying and managing services and applications. Azure offers an increasing number of products and services designed to meet all your needs through one convenient, easy-to-manage platform.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Azure  is a secure public cloud platform. It can be configured to meet your specific needs. Solutions that are possible within Azure are Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Azure tools can be used for a variety of purposes, including analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and application hosting.

Do I need to migrate my entire network to use Azure?

Azure does not oblige you to connect completely between your data center and the cloud. It integrates easily with your existing IT environment through secure private connections, hybrid databases and storage solutions. Your wealth stays where you need it. In addition, this makes Azure extremely cost-effective and less complex.

Can I easily scale up with Azure if I need more capacity?

Azure is extremely flexible and allows you to use any level of functionality you want. It supports the same technologies that many developers and IT professionals already rely on. You can quickly deploy and change all your web apps in Azure with no downtime. This means less time worrying about infrastructure and more time on your applications. Conveniently, it's also a pay-as-you-go service, so you can quickly adjust capacity to suit your business fluctuations and needs.

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