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Some of our customers

We think it's important to get to know them personally, because our customers are the reason we exist. Only if we know what they are doing can we really help to move forward.

Resort Waterrijk Oesterdam

Holiday Park & Catering

Over the years, Oesterdam has grown into a full-fledged resort with beautiful amenities and luxurious accommodations, where villas are co-designed by Dutch designer Piet Boon. There is no shortage of water, nature, peace and space at the luxury holiday park. The resort has unique water villas and luxurious 2- and 4-person resort suites.

The Marina Beachclub offers space for a trendy dining & lounge, bar, reception, meeting rooms, facilities for the marina, offices, a bicycle rental, 34 luxury hotel suites and a wellness area. The catering establishments include an à la carte restaurant, takeaway and breakfast service.

The outdoor event location 'De Outback' is fully equipped to spend the day in an active way. With more than 17 years of experience in organizing outdoor events, we offer more than 50 activities.

ALP Maritime Services

Maritime Transport

Promoting the standard in Marine Transport & Offshore Support operations. We are the specialist in Ocean Towing, Offshore Positioning and Mooring of Floating Platforms, Heavy Transport and Salvage operations. Our team, with decades of hands-on experience in the most complex and largest towing, transportation and installation projects, is ready to serve our global customers. We have the best equipment the maritime towage and transport industry has to offer.

ALP was founded in 2010. In early 2014, ALP ordered four 300ts BP ultra-long range Anchor Handling Towing vessels – currently known as ALP Striker, Defender, Sweeper and Keeper – from the Niigata Shipyard in Japan. The ships were delivered between 2016-2018. In 2014, ALP acquired 6 modern AHTs currently known as ALP Ippon, Ace, Forward, Winger, Guard and Center with a total of 1,450ts BP. ALP is a 100% subsidiary of Altera Infrastructure.

Lantack klant HEMI

HEMI Winkelinrichting B.V.


HEMI is the specialist in the finishing and furnishing of shops, the healthcare sector and leisure of national and international chains and brand manufacturers. With our customers and our team of 300 committed and enthusiastic specialists, we develop and deliver interior concepts throughout Europe.

Our ambition is to play a leading role in the European market. We achieve this with a people-oriented and entrepreneurial culture, in which improving our people, quality and processes are paramount. HEMI has embraced the LEAN philosophy for this. We only focus on providing added value for our customer.
Since 1968 we have experienced continuous growth, which has led to a solid organization that has a state-of-the-art production facility and is at the forefront of automation.

De Poort B.V.


Apparatenbouw De Poort BV is een metaalbewerkingsbedrijf met ongeveer 50 medewerkers gevestigd te Bergen op Zoom (Noord-Brabant), maar wij werken in heel Nederland. Door onze jarenlange ervaring en vakmanschap kunnen wij zeer veel soorten projecten uitvoeren. Hierbij kunt u denken aan engineering, apparatenbouw, leidingwerk en constructiewerk. Wij voeren ons constructiewerk uit naar de wensen van onze klant.

We kunnen alles uitvoeren in staal, RVS en aluminium. Natuurlijk worden alle werkzaamheden in keur uitgevoerd, zoals: EN 1090, PED, Kiwa en Asme. Ook kunnen wij optreden als hoofdaannemer.

Lantack klant Scelta

Scelta Products


Scelta Products is a dynamic company, located in Kruiningen. We are specialized in producing breaded, frozen snack products based on vegetables. This includes breaded mushrooms, onion rings and cauliflower products.

Our products find their way worldwide to our customers in the retail, food service and QSR. With modern production lines and under strict quality standards, we work in 3-shifts.

Remastered Rotterdam

Art exhibition

Experience what you have never experienced: The old Dutch Masters edited by the new Dutch Masters. The best Dutch digital studios have created a new world. A world in which you are taken on a procession of the wonderful figures of Hieronymus Bosch, in which you are immersed in the colorful scenes of Van Gogh and in which you can dance to the beat of Mondrian's “Victory Boogie Woogie”.

In this unique 60-minute experience you can also walk through a waterfall, fly your own UFO on a giant LED screen, interact with schools of fish and sail through the clouds.

Lantack klant Het Adriano Huis

Het Adriano Huis

Mentally Handicapped Care

The Adriano House was created when two friends joined forces to meet an ever-increasing care need from clients who could not or insufficiently respond within the regular care offer for these care recipients.

In addition to unconditional support, our residents can also count on a loving, reliable and safe living and working environment.
By focusing within Het Adriano Huis on the possibilities of our residents instead of the behavioral expressions of our residents, we are able to experience growth together with our residents. In addition to unconditional support, our residents can also count on a loving, reliable and safe living and working environment.

Lantack klant BAS

BAS Ambulance & Taxi Service

Ambulance & Taxi Transport

We are an ISO certified ambulance organization specialized in medical repatriation and recumbent transport. You will come across our ambulances and care taxis at airports and European roads to take tourists home or hospital.

This ambulance care is mainly hired by the RAV for ordered patient transport. Both for a single (extra-regional) B-transport or on a project basis. At times of heavy traffic, undesirable times for extra-regional transport and other preparedness challenges, BAS offers space by executing the ordered transport for the RAV. On a project basis it is possible to reserve an ambulance for a longer period, whereby the deployment is guaranteed for the relevant RAV.

Lantack klant Paper Art Cards

Paper Art Cards


Paper Art is the Gifts & Greetings specialist in the green sector. Since 1985 we have been designing trendy gift cards, greeting cards, gift vouchers and (green) gifts for every occasion of the year. Every quarter we introduce new products with a personal touch and always a changing range. The products are conceived and composed with a lot of passion, attention and love. Designed in our own studio and we also provide individual customization.

Paper Art is a family business that passed from father to son and daughter-in-law in 2017.

La Grotta klant

Ristorante La Grotta

Catering industry

The wines flow freely at the long tables in the Italian countryside. Where the whole family enjoys each other and the delicious fresh pastas and pizzas. These family vacations make Thijmen's heart beat faster. He also calls them inspirational journeys. This is apparent when he opens the doors of his own Italian restaurant on April 20, 2015: ristorante La Grotta. In an eighteenth-century city cellar on the authentic Grote Markt in Bergen op Zoom.

The restaurant now lends itself as 'the perfect place to have a drink'. In the evening you can sit down for a quick bite or opt for a three-course menu with a card full of delicious wines. Very popular and typically Italian is the pizza mezzo metro, a half meter pizza that you can have in three flavors of your choice and share it together.

ABOS klant foto


Playground equipment maintenance

ABOS has been active in the inspection of playground equipment since 1994. Our expertise is therefore not only expressed in the possession of all necessary certificates (including 2 stars SVS and KOMO BRL 9921), but also in ready knowledge through years of experience. Despite the fact that our expertise, customer portfolio and possibilities have grown considerably since the start of our company, we are still a relatively small company with short lines of communication and personal contact. That this is greatly appreciated is shown by the fact that many organizations have been customers of ABOS for many years. We are quite proud of that.

ABOS consists of a close-knit team of enthusiastic colleagues. So close, in fact, that we hardly know any staff turnover. Nice for us, but also nice for you. After all, you are always dealing with the same people. People who enjoy their work and have a lot of knowledge in their pocket.

Stichting Goed Ontmoet

Voedselbank West-Brabant


Many people in West Brabant and Zeeland also live at or below the poverty line. Stichting Goed Ontmoet is committed to households in West Brabant that, for whatever reason, have run into financial problems and are therefore no longer able to buy food.

In order to be able to provide our customers with sufficient food, we work together with companies, institutions and governments. The food is provided free of charge by supermarkets and other food suppliers. In this way, we can work together to combat poverty, prevent food waste and reduce the burden on the environment. We only work with unpaid volunteers.

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